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    News — cabin decor

    Changing Seasons

    As we put our boats away, close up the pools, box up our bathing suits, and feel the warmth of the sun fade into a cool breeze we can know that the seasons are changing here in Northern Michigan. With brightly colored leaves and the abundant harvests of Pure Michigan apples, it is clear to see fall is here to stay. 



    With fall and the season of harvest in front of us, it makes us all think of Thanksgiving and time spent around the dining room table together. Although 2020 has been one of the strangest years; from our politics to developing new ways of going to the grocery store, family gatherings and relationships are still what we can cling to for comfort. So, as you are preparing for your large or small gatherings this fall season there are a few things you might be considering;


    The Table:

    The table is the place that you eat, play, and converse so why not have it custom-made to suit your space and style. At Great Lakes Reclaimed were offering a custom cottage pine round (60" in diameter) table with a pedestal base for your holiday gatherings. If this style table isn't the right fit for your home gatherings, email us with your personal design wishlist and we can help customize something for you!   


    The Decor:

    Now that you have your gathering place planned out, you may want to add your custom flare.  What better way to do so than with an arrangement of Plush Pumpkins! The beauty in these pumpkins is more than just the huge color selection, they also add texture and softness to round out your table style. The Plush Pumpkins can be used for making your space unique up until the Christmas tree goes up without any rotting! 


    The Food:

    Your gathering place is custom to your space and your style, but now what do you serve? 

    With it being apple and pumpkin season, how about making either a delicious pumpkin pie or this beautiful apple crisp to fill the bellies and souls of your guests.  

    Below is a delicious pumpkin pie recipe from epiccurious.com


    New Barnwood Stock

    New Barnwood Stock
    The barn was built mainly of hemlock which falls under the pine category. All of its beams are hand hewn. We take a great amount of satisfaction in being able to salvage these beams and fashion them into beautiful, functional furniture.

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    Reclaimed Napa Valley Wine Stave Fly Fishing Rack

    Reclaimed Napa Valley Wine Stave Fly Fishing Rack

    The Reclaimed Wood Napa Valley Wine Stave Fly Fishing Rack is one of a kind.... We have not seen any other makers producing this.  Our Lead Craftsman, Jacob Giffin is a professional fly fisherman from Missoula, Montana (Grizz Country).  He had a lot of input in helping us come up with this design.  The fly fishing poles we used for the photo shoot are his.  Pretty pricey rod setup but they made for a great set of pictures..


    We get our napa valley wine barrels shipped from California... We found out that the wine industry cycles out their barrels every 5 years.  There are plenty of barrels to be reclaimed and we have anywhere from 8 to 16 brought in every 6 months.   We make other products from the reclaimed wine barrels and we go thru them pretty fast.   One of the highlights of our deconstruction of the wine barrels is the wonderful smell of the wine that has soaked into the white oak staves.  Especially when we are sanding we get an amazing aroma in the shop.. Almost makes you want to stop and have a glass of wine!!!!  

    You can hang these on horizontally on a wall, upright on a wall (need high ceilings) or you can put them on your ceiling.   You can link to our website here  and get the dimensions and more pictures of them action.  https://www.greatlakesreclaimed.com/collections/napa-valley-wine-barrel-products

    Thanks for checking out our store... If you are in Petoskey feel free to stop in at our shop. If the lights are on we are working... Jim


    Wine Tasting Table for Rudbekiah Winery

    Wine Tasting Table for Rudbekiah Winery

    I have to say that this table was one fun table to build.  The property the winery is located on is an old family farm here in Petoskey, MI.  The bar was built out of the wood from the old outbuildings from the farm.  The owners asked us to match the table and legs to the color of the bar and top.  It was a little tricky to say the least but we ended up getting a pretty good match.  The owners were very happy and have had many a good party on that table... We do like to customize and never shy away from a unique project... Jim